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  • Note- You must live within a 1 hour radius of the Kansas City Metro area to be considered for adoption.
  • Co-Applicant Information

  • If Single Applicant type NA
  • If Single Applicant type Applicant use applicant phone
  • If Single Applicant use applicant email.
  • If Single Applicant type NA
  • About You

  • (This may not automatically disqualify you from adopting)
  • Expectations for a Rescued Bulldog

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  • Household Information

  • Please Note that we do not consider electric fences acceptable or safe for Bulldogs. These types of collars/shocking causes pain to the dog and can promote fear, anxiety, aggression and distrust along with the issues that the shocking can cause with Brachycephalic breeds
  • Majority of bulldogs CANNOT swim and NO Bulldog should ever be unsupervised for any amount of time around an open body of water