About Clyde

  • Sex: Male
  • Status: Adopted
  • Size: Medium (20-59)
  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Age: 9 years, 1 month
  • Breed: Bulldog, English/None
  • Color: White/None
  • Microchip(s): AKC Reunite

Special Instructions

  • This Dog has been spayed/neutered

Pet Description

**Update** Clyde’s bonded partner in crime Bonnie has been diagnosed with Bladder cancer. Clyde will continue to stay with Bonnie in Hospice Foster to support her during this time. It would be detrimental to separate them at this time in their life with the strong bond that they have. If you would like to support Bonnie and Clyde while Bonnie is in Hospice please donate via

My name is Clyde, I came to KCEBR from a breeder with my best friend, Bonnie. We are retiring now so my breeder decided we needed to come and stay with our foster family until we could find a permanent home. Bonnie and I grew up together and because we are so close, it’s important we find a home together. I can’t imagine life without her!
I am a healthy boy weighing in at 43 lbs. Unfortunately, I do have arthritis but now that I am taking some new medicine from my vet, I have been feeling so much better. I take it twice a day to keep me on my toes!
When I first came to my foster home, I was a little confused because I have seen and learned so many new things here. Because of that, I was quite reserved, but have since opened up and have shown my humans how fun I can be! I’m learning to walk on this thing called a leash, I love to chew on my toys (there are so many to choose from) and hang out on this new thing called a couch. I felt so special when my foster family showed me how to climb up and that’s where I am most of the day just chillin’. Of course, it’s very important to let my humans know by barking when someone is outside or at the door. I also love to see who it might be because I like to meet new people. If I’m good, I get some attention and believe me, I love attention! I also like to get attention when Bonnie is getting some. It’s like teamwork! Sometimes I get so excited I wiggle my behind so much I sometimes lose my balance. I also love to run and play with my foster boy. He’s 14 and can run really fast. We are best buds. When we aren’t playing, I like to just hang out wherever my humans are.
I sometimes have accidents by the back door where Bonnie and I go out to potty. When I go to the back door, I forget to make noise to let my foster family know I need to go out because they cannot see there. I feel bad when that happens. I’m sure we will get it all worked out soon and it will not happen any more. I love to go outside though! I also love to come back in and will let you know immediately when I want back in by barking and scratching. I will also sometimes “mark. It doesn’t happen a lot. Usually, when it does it’s only the blankets Bonnie sleeps and hangs out on, but I am trying to stop that.
I love it when it’s time to eat! The food I eat is Under The Sun by Canidae. The grain-free lamb flavor is my favorite. I am also learning about this new thing called a “treat. Wow…they are fantastic! I love to get them any chance I can get.