About Peaches

  • Sex: Female
  • Status: Adopted
  • Size: Medium (20-59)
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Age: 4 years, 9 months
  • Breed: Bulldog, English/None
  • Color: White/None
  • Microchip(s): AKC Reunite

Special Instructions

  • Single Dog Home
  • This Dog has been spayed/neutered

Pet Description

Hi, my name is Peaches and I’m 3 years old. I’m 49 lb. of white snow fluff like marshmallow. I came into KCEBR when my mom decide she did not want me anymore because I got into a squabble with one of the smaller dogs in the house. I’m very Thankful that she gave me to a wonderful group of people.

I don’t have any medical problems.
They say I don’t get along with other animals and it’s best to have my own house. I do love to be with my skin people I give those kisses out all the time I do like kids.
I did not know what a treat was and I did not know how to play when I got here but now I have a stuff toy and I LOVE MY TREATS now beef jerky (for dog) is my favorite.
I don’t like to sleep in my dog bed I want to sleep next to or at the foot of the bed with my skin family.
My new food is grain free and I like it a lot better then what they sent down the road.
I’m very quiet girl and love to sleep all the time on the couch/bed. I do get scared and bark a little when I hear noises outside and on the tv my Foster Mom just laughs at me.
I’m house and crate trained. I know how to sit and lay down and I love to have my belly rubbed over and over. Did I tell you that I love to go on car rides any time I see them getting my leash I jump up and I’m ready.