About Pickles

  • Status: Adopted

Pet Description

Age-3-4 years old

Miss Pickles found her way to KCEBR after she and her buddy Otis were found wandering the streets. Their “owner” was found and did not want them. The person that found them could not continue to care for them so they called us and from here we will have their back forever. Pickles has an old eye injury that has healed likely from a fight and also a broken K9 tooth that is being removed. She is being spayed soon and we can tell she has already been used for multiple litters of babies :(. No more! Pickles is slowly learning the life of a dog. From what we can tell she likely was dumped by a mill, she is scared of the outdoors and is learning her indoor potty manners. She came in very timid and shy and her foster parents say ever day she comes out of her shell a little bit more.