About Porky

  • Status: Adopted

Pet Description

Age : 6.5 years

Owner Surrender

Hi! My name is Porky Girl, and I am a 6.5 year old petite 44lb beautiful brown bulldog. I’m laid back, carefree and Foster-Mom says a bit of a goofball.

I love my humans, the kiddos and the other dogs that live in my Foster Home.

Foster-Mom feeds me twice per day, because being this cute really makes a girl hungry-and sometimes I just don’t know how to stop eating. I sneak the other doggie’s food when I think nobody is looking (I always get caught). Food is just my favorite, and the only thing better is kids with food!

I love to ride in the car, and usually pick my spot and lay there until the ride is over. I am not a wanderer and always stay right next to my humans when I go out.

The super bonus (beyond me being so cute) is I know basic commands, am house and kennel trained and am famous for having the wigglebutts.