About Rufus

  • Sex: Male
  • Status: Coming Soon!
  • Size: Medium (20-59)
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Age: 6 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Bulldog, English/None
  • Color: White/None
  • Microchip(s): AKC Reunite

Pet Description

Hi, my name is Rufus. I am 5 years old and have had a rough life! I came into KCEBR when my owner passed away and his family could not take care of me. I lived outside all of my life, so this is all so new to me. I got to sleep inside for the first time in my life. This pampered Bulldog life is great, but I am very sick with Heartworms, and when I first started treatment I didn't want to eat/ My foster mom made me yummy food but she had to hand feed me most of the time as my tummy didn't tell me I was hungry.
I am okay with other dogs, and cats don't phase me at all. I am a little afraid of people until I get to know them – then I give the best kisses. I have never barked or snapped at anyone. I get really excited when I get to go for a car ride or a walk. I tend to really like sliced cheese and pretty much demand that all my food has some on it.
I am just learning that humans are nice and I get to go inside the house whenever I want to (no more cold nights for me!). I always go outside to do my business but I do like to mark my bed.
Once I get to know you, I really like to sit by you, let you pet me, and get in a kiss or two. My Dogter says I have something called PTSD from my past life, and that is why I am so timid and things scare me a lot. With a little time and patience though, I come out of it. Hopefully this August we will get some good news that these worms are gone from my heart!!