Intake Date-June 19, 2017

Shelter Transfer

Age 11 Years (2006)

Bear was transferred to KCEBR from a shelter that received him as part of a neglect/abuse case.  Although we do not know anything about his past, he must have been cared for at some point because he is in good shape for an 11 year old boy.  He does have some ear infections as his ears were not cared for and cleaned like they should so they are closed up quite a bit and he is deaf now because of that. That just makes him want to hang close to his humans so he can know what is going on and feel safe.  He is a sweetheart through and through.  You would NEVER know this boy is 11 years old as he has some energy and will fool you!   He does great with kids and other dogs.  he does like to talk a lot, probably because he cannot hear.  It is a cute grumble though 🙂   Bear is currently looking for his perfect retirement home!