Adopted:  July 26, 2017

Age: 9-10 Years (2007-2008)

Intake Date :  March 26, 2017

Shelter Transfer


Lucy is 9-10 years old, and was re-homed by her family when her mom and dad split up. Fast forward 5 years later, and Lucy‘s mom received a phone call (thankfully Lucy had a microchip) that Lucy was wandering the streets. The family Lucy‘s mom gave her to was nowhere to be found, so Lucy‘s mom had no choice but to give her to a rescue group.

The rescue group new Lucy needed a breed specific group, so KCEBR welcomed Lucy to the family!

Lucy is in pain, and is in dire need of entropion surgery. Her eyes are hurting constantly, and are always full of goop. In addition, Lucy will have her nares opened to help her breathe better, tail trimmed to feel better, and treatment for round worm.

But Lucy is a sweetheart, and has convinced her foster family that everyday is a good day when it starts with belly rubs.