Intake Date-July 16, 2017

Owner Surrender

Age: 9 years, May 22, 2009

Nelly Bean is a gorgeous little 9 year old girl that was brought to KCEBR when her family could no longer care for her as she can no longer see well at all.  They have a small child and when the child goes to hug Nelly it startles her because she just cant see it coming, they also just moved into a new home and there are just too many stairs for Nelly with her not being able to see.  We GLADLY welcomed her into our care and she is in a wonderful foster home that is already in love with this sweet baby girl.  She is finding her way around great and is getting along with all of her fur brothers and sisters wonderfully!  Stay tuned for more on this sweet little Nelly Bean as we learn more about her!

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