Intake date:  July 27,2017

Owner Surrender

Date of Birth:  June 27, 2009

Sushi came into KCEBR as  8 year old 56lbs of lovable diva bulldog, she is now down to 47 lbs!!!!! She came to KCEBR from a family that was moving for work and had not been able to find a home that allowed animals.

We got Sushi into our Amazing Dr. Kennedy ASAP as she was pretty stinky and greasy, overweight, her eyes were dry and she had some bad interdigital cysts.

Dr. K said she needed entropian on her eyes to help her chronic dry eye and that she was a little to rollie-pollie so she needed to lose a few pounds. She also had her palate trimmed to help her breathe better.

She LOVES her belly rubbed and kisses from her skin family and to cuddle on the couch.  She love kids and other animals. She even knows how to play soccer and is a great goal keeper – she even comes with her own soccer ball. Sushi has allergies that cause her ears to smell sometimes but Dr. K has drops for that. She gets them every day along with her allergy pill and eye drops.

Most of my time she enjoys lounging in her kennel or on the coroner of the couch. She is  currently eating 2 cups a day of Hills Prescription Saitai due to her curvaceous figure. She REALLY likes her treats too, her favorite ones are cheese, cheese and more cheese!

She does go outside to do her business quickly but when she is done she likes to check out her surroundings a bit.


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